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Guest Blog: Oracle and NatureBridge celebrate Earth Day together
April 29, 2011 - 12:06pm

OracleGuest Blog by Parag Shah
Senior Member of Technical Staff at Oracle

On Saturday, April 23, I joined Oracle’s Volunteer Day at NatureBridge. As part of Oracle’s Earth Week, I was fortunate to be part of our group of 12 employees, family members, and friends who came to restore habitat in NatureBridge’s outdoor classroom in Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The day was not just an eye-opener about how fragile our coastal ecosystems are, but also an experience into how we can make a difference. 

We started with a nice hike with NatureBridge staff Serena Deverich and Beverly Cherner, exploring a variety of flora and fauna that exist in this vast national park. We also learned about the history of the many people who came before us in the park, including the Coast Miwok who lived here and the soldiers who were based here when the park was a military base.

After lunch, we participated in invasive plant species removal from a hill near the ocean. That was fun! While we were pulling iceplant, we found various animal species that we had never noticed before (salamander, bugs, etc.) that had made their home there. Needless to say, we took care of them and restored them to alternative homes in the same habitat. 

Everyone loved the activity, and we are looking for more opportunities to educate ourselves as well as engaging in any activity that helps support these fragile coastal ecosystems.

Thank you NatureBridge for celebrating Earth Day with us!

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