Field Science Demonstration Program at Joshua Tree National Park

Teaching today's youth through nature:
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A NatureBridge field science program in Joshua Tree National Park would offer students in grades K-12 the opportunity to learn hands-on science in one of the world’s most stunning geologic wonders. Our two- to five-day residential outdoor science programs are led by experienced educators and customized to enhance your school’s curriculum.

With your help, a school & group field science demonstration program in Joshua Tree National Park would offer:

  • A classroom like no other: Students hike through the dramatic desert landscapes of Joshua Tree, explore the land of Joshua Trees, experience the night sky, and challenge themselves to reach the tops of unique rock formations.
  • Inquiry-based learning: Students explore the geologic history of the Mojave Desert, Colorado Desert & Sonoran Desert; engage in field research projects, such as how plants and animals have adapted to survive in the desert; and discover how the environment supported inhabitants going back to the Pinto culture.
  • Inspiration to action: Students are empowered to see how their actions impact their community and the world around them through service learning projects, such as removing invasive species that threaten biodiversity in the Park.

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Field science demonstration program in Joshua Tree needs your help

The Joshua Tree initiative ultimately seeks to establish a residential field science program to compliment the park’s existing day-use education programs, and to support the park’s long-term education objectives. The program would provide multi-day education experiences through immersive, inquiry-based programming targeted at a K-12 audience.
The initial due diligence of conducting a market study that included risk management assessment, operational assessment, and market analysis study has been completed, getting the initiative off to a great start. This study provided the assurances needed to proceed to the next step, which is a school and group field science demonstration program at Joshua Tree National Park.


How you can help support this program

To make this happen for our youth, to encourage participation in outdoor activities, and to create awareness about our environment, we need people to invest. This demonstration program will set the stage for a future permanent residential field science program in Joshua Tree National Park. Your support will help to provide for accommodations, food, and education of 60 students per week in three-day programs that would run for four weeks. We encourage you to contact us today for further information or donate now with your online tax deductible donation.

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